Emma Alonze


You always know where you are with arses

Performance, Sculpture

BOTTY, 2014

The Twins, 2014

Late Winter/early Spring 2014 Jess and I both were in strange places, mentally, we needed to feel light and so that is what we set out to do.

We decided to go on a gallery trip to Tate Britain thinking that seeing our favourite painting or eating a pork pie in the café would help to lift us up.

Instead, we found ourselves at the opposite end of the spectrum to general art viewing and comfort eating – we found ourselves pulling down our trousers and posing for photos with the art.

It’s a very liberating feeling to moon in a public space, there is something powerful and grounding about it but at the same time it’s silly. We all have bums, we all know what one looks like but somehow it becomes the ultimate mock once it is unleashed in a public area or next to something considered to be grand.

Images from the series ‘you always know where you are with arses’ by Jessica Peace and Emma Alonze published in issue 2 of Chanced Arm Magazine.