Emma Alonze


Wafty Tassels, PS Talc

Painting, Sculpture, Sound

When the motion sensor connected to 'Wafty Tassels' is activated the party blower fills with air and rolls out of the brass horn and a tassel wafts around on the end of it. 'PS Talc' is free to roll around the space, meaning it can be placed anywhere (next to works it shouldn’t be).
When the compressed air canister is pressed a puff of talc comes out of the brass horn and leaves a trace on the floor.

Rollerboots, mop handles, brass horns, nebuliser, party blower, tassel, compressed air canister, screw driver, talc

Wafty Tassels - 135 x 47cm
PS Talc - 139 x 47cm