Emma Alonze


Sink or Swim


I have always been surrounded by water.
I grew up in Scarborough, it's right by the sea, about to fall in actually.

At school I started swimming lessons but every week something untoward would go off – like Daniel McKenna's glass eye would fall out into the water and the pool would have to be evacuated.

As I was growing up my friends would spend all their time during the holidays at 'ATLANTIS' an outdoor pool with the biggest slides in Europe. I hated it.

When I got older my friends started to hang around at the indoor pool instead, every Friday night. It seemed like they all had an obsession with swimming. I never got to grips with it, still haven't.

My Grandad was a life guard and he swam for Great Britain.

My Great Aunty Lucy walked into the North Sea and never came out again.

I can't swim, can't even do the doggy paddle. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing.
But either way I would like to ask someone to push me into a swimming pool to see whether I sink or swim.

Live performance presented by Low Lives - an international festival of live performance-based works transmitted via the internet and projected in real time at multiple venues around the world, 2012

Special thanks to Piers Gough for the loan of his swimming pool.