Emma Alonze


I’M WAVING – INTERVENTION 2 – Thomas More gets a cape

Commission, Performance, Sculpture

‘Thomas More gets a cape’

One of the banned interventions I had planned was to transform the bronze sculpture ‘Boy with Dolphin’ on the Chelsea Embankment. I had planned to resurface the sculpture using Vaseline and neon glitter. This was the first intervention to take place and also the grandest of all the interventions proposed. There is a lot of information about what happened regarding how the council broke the news to me (2 days before I was about to go ahead with the intervention) but I won’t go into detail with that right now.

On the day the transformation of 'Boy with Dolphin' should have taken place I packed a bag of props (things I had in my studio) and headed on foot towards Boy with Dolphin. I circled it, thinking. But decided to move on instead of dwell on my disappointment. I walked slightly further down the embankment and came across the statue of Sir Thomas More. He looked perfect, sitting there rubbing his hands together. In my bag I had a pink piece of fabric that I had actually found on the street in Chelsea a few days before. I approached Sir Thomas, mounted him and tied him a cape around his neck. It was quite a glorious moment, cars beeped their horns (it suited him very well).

Boy with Dolphin may have been off limits but they didn’t say anything about the other monuments in the Borough.