Emma Alonze


I’M WAVING for InTransit Festival

Commission, Proposal

‘Emma Alonze and the people of Chelsea: I’M WAVING’ was a proposal put forward to be part of ‘InTransit Festival’ that takes place throughout the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London once a year. The festival runs over a period of 10 days. I planned one intervention for each of the 10 days to take place around the Chelsea area and to involve residents of the borough.

However, for reasons beyond my control, only 3 of the interventions were able to take place as the others were deemed ‘unsuitable’ by the council only 2 days before the festival was about to start. I was led to believe everything was to go ahead up until that point. I had invested 3 months of my time planning the interventions very carefully, rallying together people and buying materials.

I’m sure you can understand how frustrating and disheartening this was.

To see documentation and descriptions of the works that did take place please refer to: Cakewalk, Thomas More gets a cape and Stomping Ground.